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Dart Stylus

Dart Stylus
The "Dart" stylus by Precision Touch™ offers an ultra-fine 2mm tip which allows for precise note-taking and sketching every time.

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Dart Stylus - An Active Stylus For iPad, Android and Window Devices With a 2mm Fine Tip

At Precision Touch, we offer the best in quality, design and luxury Styluses! 

The Precision Touch brand has become synonymous with both "Premium" and "Professional" grade styluses among stylus customers.  We have also launched one of the most desired features to any Stylus...a true "Fine tip" stylus that is capable of sketching, drawing or taking notes like a traditional pen or pencil without the need of special hardware or software.


The "Dart" by Precision Touch™ offers a fine tip stylus with one of the smallest tips available at only 2mm using electronic circuitry.

Up until now, most iPad, Windows and Android users have been forced to use a standard silicone stylus with little or no control of the final output.  Taking notes was awkward at best, sketching or drawing accurately was frustrating and the results were often poor in comparison to a standard pen or pencil. The Dart was developed to remove those obstacles from your everyday life and bring out the true power and flexibility of your iPad, Windows and Andorid by allowing you to interact with your mobile device using a thin 2mm fine tip.

The Dart is an Active Stylus with PCB digital circuitry which creates the ability to simulate your fingertip on most mobile touch screens. For far too long iPad, Windows and Android users have been desperate for a stylus that offered a fine tip which could accurately write, sketch or draw like a real pen or pencil without the need for special apps or plug-ins. The Dart was developed to provide those users with just such a solution.

The Dart not only offers the ability to draw, write and sketch naturally but it does so in an elegant and unobtrusive manner. The body of the stylus resembles a sleek "Throwing Dart" complete with tail fins and engraved rings designed for extra grip. The Dart also offers a uniquely hardened silicone tip which prevents tip collapse or distortion as seen on most standard silicone or fiber mesh tipped styluses. This means greater accuracy and less chance for errors on the page. The Dart comes in a beautiful Jet Black Matte finish for fingerprint resistance along with subtle but defined tail fins at the top cap switch for added balance and proper ergonomic weight distribution. This allows the Stylus to naturally rest in your hand providing you with a familiar feel.


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The Dart is fully compatible with all extended features of the Zoom Notes app. This is one of the best apps on the market today for note taking. You can get more information by clicking on the Zoom Apps icon below: